Why Horses?

Kellie, a long time horsewoman, practices natural horsewomanship and raises her eleven horses as a herd. She has spent her entire life connecting with her horses and understands the wisdom horses have for us.

Kellie connects her own learning about rewiring the brain for joy, social emotional intelligence and happiness with the experience of horses as teachers.

At the retreats, Kellie brings these experiences to you through practical tools and strategies which help you switch your brain from stress back to feeling peace and power.

 Plus you will receive the the gift of Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) to facilitate YOUR experience with Kellie’s horses.


We Are Made For Joy

During these 3 days you will have to opportunity to dive into joy and happiness as you:

  • Relax in comfort and peace to allow your heart and body time to rejuvenate and reflect
  • Become empowered by the new knowledge and experiences you are having
  • Enjoy a close to Earth experience, walking the 40 acres at the ranch, sitting on the on the wrap around porch, watching the herd, a bonfire evening (weather permitting) perhaps even an expedition to local vineyard.


You will also experience, what we call…

THE 3 R’s of H and J


Creating meaningful connections with others supports our health and happiness. WE ARE HERD ANIMALS. And in our time together, one might say we are building a new herd to support each other on this path. (Ok how about a gaggle then?)

Kellie is the master connector and brings such joy and appreciation to everyone she meets.


Our neural networks to stop chronic stress and move ourselves more easily back to a higher brain state. Then we can make better decisions, be more creative, better at solving problems, more productive and experience more of life’s natural rewards. These tools of Emotional Brain Training are based on the work of Laurel Mellin at The Institute for Health Solutions.


As we relate, rewire, reflect and relax we will continue the process of revealing ourselves to ourselves! The truth will set us free and the more we discover our truths, the more freedom we have.

Who is the real you?

Who is the real me?

Are we manufactured versions

Of who we think we ought to be?

You can hear the rest or the song when you come!

Boundless Joy Arising … for us all


Here is what this retreat does NOT mean:

It does not mean life will always be easy

It does not mean bad things will never happen to you

It does not mean you will be perfect

It does not mean you will triple your income in 6 months or earn a million dollars in a year

It does not mean you will lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks.

Here is what the retreat DOES mean:

It does mean that you will go home with the tools and strategies to live a life more ‘above the line’ or at a higher brain state.

It does mean you will learn how to choose a new story where you feel less stressed, less fatigued and more ALIVE

It does mean you will have a the tools to understand yourself better

Balance oh yes balance

A gaggle of friends who will support you and love you

A connection with horses

It does mean a chance to break thru old habits that do not support you health and happiness

When you are in a higher brain state more of the time, so much seems possible. Who knows – you might climb a tree – spread your wings and fly!

                  AND IT WILL BE SO MUCH FUN.

What Else?

Lots of laughing!

Lots of singing and music. We have several guitars, uke’s, one accordion, rhythm things, drums and keyboard. Making music together raises the endorphin levels. This has nothing to do with our level of skill. Only the ‘doing’ of it! Bring your favorite songs to share. No talent required and no one has to sing!

Eating! Yes we will be eating delicious food catered by local Oregon caterers. Healthy, organic when possible, with of course a treat here or there.

What’s included?

Everything except your transportation to Oregon!

  • 1 night at the Wilsonville Holiday Inn
  • All meals
  • All activities
  • Equine Facilitated Learning experience
  • All workbook materials
  • Special gifts for you
  • An individual call to each of you before the weekend so we can get to know each other at least a little bit.
  • A group mastermind call about 6 weeks after the event for ‘tune ups’ questions, ideas and thoughts.
  • An individual call 2 weeks after the weekend for any follow up needs and brainstorming with you.
  • Kelly will also have a special gift for you – her Audio Course on Happiness.

Are you ready to come along for this amazing adventure?


100% Guarantee

100% Guarantee from Kellie:
Our unique and life changing Happiness and Joy Ranch Retreats are one of a kind experience. Immersing ourselves in the study and practice of happiness and rewiring the brain for joy has changed our lives. We know it will reveal a path to more vibrant life for you.
If for any reason you are not satisfied we offer a 100% money back guarantee.You have nothing to lose and everything to gain So what are you waiting for MAKE THE CHOICE FOR JOY right now.